Alexander Galloway

Born: May 4, 1737
Died: May 28, 1799 NY

John Galloway
Mother: Hannah Lamb

John Galloway
Thomas Galloway
James Galloway
William Galloway
Henry Galloway
George Galloway

Elizabeth Galloway
Maria Galloway
Maria Galloway

Married: Mary Shildrin

John Galloway
Hannah Galloway Dec 25, 1760
Samuel Galloway Sept. 24, 1764
James Shildrin Galloway
Sarah "Sally" Galloway
Sussana Mary Galloway
George Galloway
Thomas Galloway

"Alexander, "Sander", "Sandu" (4 May 1737-May 1799) -lived Smith's Clove in (town of) Cheesecocks (called Monroe after 1808), "near the Dickerman
Place on the turnpike" (i.e. just south of present day Central Valley) [Ruttenber and Clark] -signed Association, 1775- 2d Lt (commissioned 15 Sept
1775) in Capt. Francis Smith's Woodbury Clove Company (one of six in Col. Jesse Woodhull's East Orange, or Cornwall Regt.) -m. Mary Shildrin (ca 1737- alive
1799), ca 1757- left a will 5 May 1799 (Liber B, p 82) in which he stipulates that "all the land of which I die seized ...shall be sold ...[and the money]
equally divided among my sons" (will witnessed by Michael Hay, etc.)"
1Title: Galloways of Orange, Sullivan, and Wayne Counties, NY
Author: Nelson, Keith L.
Publication: Keith L Nelson, 6 Owen Court, Irvine CA 92715, 2002