Caroline Galloway

Born: 1808 NYC
Died: Oct. 24, 1893

George Galloway
Mother: Mary Coffey

John Coffey Galloway
Alexander Hamilton Galloway
George Washington Galloway
Robert Fowler Galloway

Sophia Galloway
Elizabeth Galloway
Maria D. Galloway

Married: Micah Dickerman
Mary E. Dickerman 1831-1895
"-born NYC
 -m. Micah Dickerman (12 March 1804-7 Jan 1884), b. Conn, ca 1828
- in 1837 Dickerman bought the 153 acre farm which George Galloway  had purchased in 1803 and
George Washington Galloway had inherited from his father -he also
acquired the old Michael Goff farm (42 acres) which Goff and his wife inherited
from John Coffey & sold to George Galloway
-he subsequently sold the Goff farm, half to George W. and half to Robert F. Galloway 
 -in 1842 he sold 101 additional acres to Robert F.
 -Dickerman's home was a stage hotel on the Newburgh turnpike
 -Dickerman left a will 1882 (Liber 46, pg 246) 
-both he and wife buried Coffey/Galloway Cemetery 
-1 daughter: Mary E. (1831-1895) [m.1, John M. Jamison 14 Sep 1853, Monroe Pres Church, m.2, George T. Peckham (1838-
alive 1896) 14 June 1871, Monroe Pres Church]
 -Mary buried Coffey/Galloway Cemetery
- in 1896 Peckham sold what remained of the Dickerman holdings (207
acres) to Phebe Taylor -in 1909 Taylor resold it to Reginald Saunders, and he
in turn sold it to EH Harriman 7/30/1909"
1Title: Galloways of Orange, Sullivan, and Wayne Counties, NY
Author: Nelson, Keith L.
Publication: Keith L Nelson, 6 Owen Court, Irvine CA 92715, 2002