George Washington Galloway

Born: Oct 23, 1812 Monroe, Orange Co. New York
Died: Feb. 20, 1887  Monroe, Orange Co.  New York 
buried:  Seamansville Cemetary, Monroe, Orange Co., New York1

Father: George Galloway
Mother: Mary Coffey

John Coffey Galloway
Alexander Hamilton Galloway
Robert Fowler Galloway

Elizabeth Galloway
Sophia Galloway 
Caroline Galloway
Maria D. Galloway

Married:  Amy Rundel Smith  June 8, 1831  Blooming Grove, New York
James Smith Galloway  May 10, 1832-Aug 2, 1850  buried:  Seamansville Cemetary, Monroe, Orange Co., New York
George Washington Galloway Jr.
Mary Caroline Galloway  Feb 1, 1840-Feb 7, 1898
Julia Annett Galloway
Albert Roe Galloway

"-m. Amy Rundel Smith (5 May 1813-2 May 1895), daughter of James Smith
(1772-1832), buried Seamanville, and Abigail Clark (1786-1862), in Blooming
Grove 8 Jun 1831
- in 1837 he purchased the 46 acres from his mother that she
had inherited from her father -sold it back to her in 1842
 -in 1834 his wife had inherited her own father's farm (166 acres), located one mile northwest of
Monroe in Blooming Grove and encompassing the present day "Museum Village" 
- ( "Smith-Galloway house" still extant at village in 1993)
 -she joined Monroe
Pres Church 1890- she left a will 17 Jun 1886, Liber 59, p 443- both buried
Seamanville Cemetery"2

1Seamanville Cemetery Monroe, Orange County New York transcription

2Title: Galloways of Orange, Sullivan, and Wayne Counties, NY
Author: Nelson, Keith L.
Publication: Keith L Nelson, 6 Owen Court, Irvine CA 92715, 2002