John Coffey Galloway

Born: Mar 20, 1800
Died: Apr. 21, 1869

Father: George Galloway
Mother: Mary Coffey

Alexander Hamilton Galloway
George Washington Galloway
Robert Fowler Galloway

Elizabeth Galloway
Sophia Galloway 
Caroline Galloway
Maria D. Galloway

Married:  Caroline Matilda Crissey  Jan 8. 1823
Maria Galloway  Dec 15, 1824
Ann Elizabeth Galloway
Charlotte Parmelia Galloway
John Galloway 1834
Mary Coffey Galloway
Helen Amelia Galloway

Subject: John Galloway 56th New York Infantry Regiment
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 23:05:31 EDT

John Galloway, son of John C. and Caroline Crissies Galloway, was born in 
1834. He enlisted as a private at the age of 32 on February 9, 1865 in 
Company U, 56th New York Infantry Regiment. He mustered out of Company U, 
56th New York Infantry Regiment  on 09 May 1865 in Hart's Island, NY Harbor, 
New York. Civil War Pension Index filled December 19, 1897, application # 
1199795, certificate #959576 in the state of New York.